The Applied Entrepreneurship Course delivers educational content in an engaging and digestible manner. Students enjoy the format; faculty finds the content easy to deliver and discuss. After finishing the course, students are better prepared for entrepreneurship, should they choose that path.

Entrepreneurship Program Testimonials

Queens University Program Director

There were 4 students in the first applied entrepreneurship course. It was such a successful test, 20 students signed up for the 2nd applied entrepreneurship program. We look forward to continuing our work the Cassmer Ward and his innovative teaching style.”


It feels like taking a class on Netflix that gives you real experience on how to be an entrepreneur.


The applied entrepreneurship course was engaging, easily digestible, and I now have a much better idea of what it takes to start and run a business.

John L. Bennet, Ph.D., PCC, BCC

Thank you for sharing the videos. You have done a great job of presenting complex ideas in a simple way while offering an opportunity for deeper learning. Your personal experiences and examples provide a rich way to illustrate key points. I appreciate your vulnerable to share your successes and “failures” as ways of learning. These videos are excellent supplements to support student learning. Way to go! I hope you will continue to produce these types of teaching and learning tools.

“Influencing Entrepreneurs” is not only a great idea, it is a great resource to help emerging and experienced entrepreneurs. Way to go!

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