The Applied Entrepreneurship Course is designed with your students in mind. Successful entrepreneur sharing tips, insights, and inspirational stories are just one part of the curriculum. Students enjoy streaming the content, while faculty finds the material easy to deliver and discuss.

Applied Entrepreneurship Interview Examples

The interviews included in the Applied Entrepreneurship Course bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world, industry experience. Here are clips from interviews with influencing entrepreneurs.

Sometimes solutions create problems that identify value

Marketing tactics without strategy can be costly

Applied Entrepreneurship Online Lecture Examples

The academic and instructional portion of the applied entrepreneurship course offers a unique learning environment. Here are clips from two different lectures.


Market Analysis

Behind these interviews and lectures are assignments, textbook readings, and other coursework. This coursework ensures maximum comprehension and knowledge retention which will be applied to the final student project. For more specifics on the course work, please visit the Course Overview.


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