The Applied Entrepreneurship Course was designed by Cassmer Ward, Consulting Partner at Nexagy, Inc. and Adjunct Professor at Queens University of Charlotte.

As a financial executive and business leader with expertise in operational analysis, strategic development/implementation, and entrepreneurship, Cassmer continues to identify and address the critical success factors affecting companies varying in size across many industries. It’s with this knowledge and expertise that the Applied Entrepreneurship Course was designed.

Combining his industry and classroom experience, Cassmer created the Applied Entrepreneurship Course to teach crucial skills needed for entrepreneurial success. Students learn many small business skills from the course, such as:

  • Evaluating what metrics define and measure a company’s success.
  • Developing strategic maps through a resourced-based analysis that provide a clear understanding of a small business’s goals and objectives.
  • Transforming companies operating with a loss, to profitable companies with steady growth rates.

With a background in Accounting, Management Leadership, and Management Information Systems, Cassmer has balanced technical and innovative business acumen to provide entrepreneurial education. The Applied Entrepreneurship Course is an extension of his knowledge-base, translated into an educational, online training curriculum.


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